The Dark Prophecy

“Perched upon a frozen peak on the Himalayan Mountains, the angel Uriel surveys the Earth before settling his gaze on a most intriguing development, a handful of humans on the verge of triggering the Apocalypse. And for a moment, as Uriel reflects back on the images of man’s creation from dust, he begins to wonder if he is witnessing their final hours.”

Welcome to the world of DEMONS & SAINTS

Herein lies the untold details of a holy war between fallen angels battling to control prophecy and mankind struggling to survive the outcome. Step quietly into the year 2015 and witness the unfolding of this prophecy as a small group of people confront metaphysical forces, sinister organizations, dark conspiracies, ancient demons, powerful magic and more in hope of saving their world.

With the Seal of Solomon open, an ancient war in Hell pours forth across the Earth as seven factions separate into two powerful opposing forces. As these factions secretly assimilate into society, each seeks to influence prophecy by manipulating mankind and dominating the world. And yet, as governments fall one by one to this rising tide of evil immersing the world into darkness, there is a faint glimmer of hope in the heartbeats of a few men and women who dare to take a stand.

Create your character based on one of seven bloodlines and recruit them into one of seven factions. Build up your fighting abilities and survival skills. Learn to master weapons, poisons and dark magic. Collect powerful artifacts, glyphs, relics and runes. Engage in secret missions and form deadly alliances. And delve into storylines that expand the mythology of Demons and Saints as you ask…

After the fall of Lucifer…



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